Why choose TGA Pallets for your freight requirements?

1. Customised pallet production for your specific size/load requirements

With our own sawmill onsite, TGA has access to a large range of resources and customised product for meeting each individual customers specific needs.

2. Turnaround Time and Capacity

Not having to rely on other sawmills, TGA is able to process the timbers required for each order quickly, where other manufacturers may have to order in required timbers which may cause delay. TGA can produce a high volume of product due to our automated production system and we can customise orders for your ongoing needs.

3. Fantastic Value

TGA Pallets is not only competitively priced, but we have the scale of production, timber yard stockholding and operations to provide excellent economies of scale and substantial discounts for bulk orders or ongoing contracts. You will be impressed with our value.

4. WA Focused, Reputable and Experienced

Being wholly Western Australian owned and operated, we are better equipped to meet the specific needs of our WA based clients than other nationally based companies. Our experience and history gives both peace of mind and reliability of quality pallets with timely supply.

5. Personal Service tailored to your needs

Our friendly service team is on call throughout normal business hours to assist you with quotes, orders or advice, and assist with arranging packing, transporting or storing your goods. We are happy to tailor our pallets with any particular stencilling, colour coding or certification you require.

Call 08 9571 3592 or Click here to View our Pricelist